Values & Commitments

Equality & Fairness

  • We are an anti-capitalist, pro-democracy company. We believe that, in the words of Alan Lane, making art is a team sport, and every worker’s contribution is different but equally valuable. We pay all staff the same day rate, and incorporate them into creative and production decision-making.
  • We are an actively anti-racist company. We openly advertise for all new roles on publicly funded projects, and, when capacity allows, will guarantee interviews or auditions to all POC who meet the essential person specifications when we do this. 
  • We are a disabled-led company, and will make audience and artist access a continuing and growing part of what we do.

Honesty & Openness

  • We will make our funding applications and business plans available to whoever wants to see them.
  • We will make all work that we share online available on a Creative Commons Zero license.
  • We will be open about our failures and shortcomings as a company, and transparent in how we raise and spend money. We will be open to listening and learning about how we can do better, and admit any mistakes we make and knowledge gaps we uncover along the way.

Imagination & Experimentation

  • We are an artist-led company, and will continue to be driven by our artistic ideas more than any other factor.
  • We value the creativity in everyone, but in particular we will shout about the value that professional artists create.
  • We will push ourselves to learn new skills, try new things and work with new people, in acceptance of the fact that sometimes this will fail.