The Book of Riddles

Listen to demo versions of the songs here

Winter, 1068: Exeter is the last stronghold against the seemingly unstoppable might of William the Bastard and his Norman army. The grieving Gytha, mother of Harold, readies a last-ditch defence as the city is besieged. But inside, the enigmatic Leofric and his clergy ignore the battle outside, and work feverishly to complete a great tome that will preserve the Anglo-Saxon world forever, even as its buildings and institutions are torn down. But what good are words when the world is burning?

The Book of Riddles is a new musical about making art in the end times, focused on one town in Devon but relevant to the whole world. Co-created with a specially formed community choir in Exeter, it will be performed with them alongside a core team of professional actor musicians. Vivid storytelling and tense drama will sit alongside lushly orchestrated songs with lyrics drawn verbatim from the Exeter Book, a UNESCO-recognised collection of riddles, poem and stories. 

Supported by Arts Council England & the Heritage Lottery Fund