The Balloonist


With the creaking of gunwales, the unfurling of sails and the roaring dragon’s-breath of the burner, the airship Minerva takes flight on its maiden voyage from Paris to New York. Petticoats swirl in the ballroom, glasses clink in the dining hall, and on deck, legendary Air Captain Madeleine Lagrêlle steers the craft with a steely eye. But halfway across the ocean, the ship enters a hurricane and finds itself in a mysterious realm at its centre, where the creatures of the sea swim through the air. That’s when it becomes apparent that the Captain is not all she seems, as she steers the craft in a mad chase after the mysterious gigantic Moon Jellyfish at the heart of the storm, and the crew and passengers are dragged into her tale of loss, revenge and the pursuit of the impossible.

Inspired by the early days of air travel, the Balloonist will be an epic outdoor show that brings Etienne Gaspard-Robert’s imagined airship the Minerva to life, with the help of large floating puppet versions of the ship and the creatures it encounters.

Supported by Proteus.