Camden On The Moon

The Moon is out tonight.
It will eat up the minds of the lonely
before the rags of dawn have been wrung out. 

2034: the majority of north London has been demolished to make room for the HS5 space elevator. The relentless ascent of house prices on Earth has led to an exodus of artists, indigents and dropouts into a collection of poorly- constructed settlements on the planet’s most affordable satellite. Things go well until the department of Culture and Goodness bring the World Sporting Series to town, and the inhabitants are left with a choice: fight back to keep their homes, or face a journey across the vast bleakness of the Sea of Cold to try and find a new one…

A miniature sci-fi epic filled with gentrification, isolation, real-life cyberpunks, cheap Chinese food, hipster Clangers, and a little girl with a homemade rocket ship. Told using spoken word, storytelling, recovered footage and interviews with lunar residents.

Commissioned by and performed at Camden Peoples Theatre for the 20:20 Vision Festival, 2014

Written and performed by Jack Dean

Ages 14+