#6 Dormant Loving (LIVE at the Bike Shed Theatre)

A tale of how 30 people living in a secret underground location must find a new home. Featuring Joe Sellman Leava (@JoeSellmanLeava), Martin Bonger (@MartinBonger), Berengere Ariaudo De Casteli (@BeeInTheStalls), Andrew Kelly and Simon Day (@PlasticineMen). Join us as we make things better by totally making out. Subscribe to IH on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/infinite-hex/id1262487299?mt=2 Or on […]

#4 The Harvest (with Henry Raby, John Holt-Roberts & Natalie Quatermass)

A tale of how a dangerous seditionist from York and his co-conspirators come together on November 5th to destroy… Jack’s storytelling podcast. Also fruit, I guess? So join us as we decide whether anyone needs a man or not. Featuring Henry Raby (@Henry_Raby), John Holt Roberts (@JHoltRoberts) and Natalie Quatermass (@natquatermass). Want to devour some […]