Series: Fake Town Fables

A series of stories based in, or inspired by, fictional cities.

9 Fordville: A Grandad Tale #3

“Money cannot make anything and money cannot manage anything.” The third instalment in an alternate-history epic inspired by the real Ford Motors company town of

8 La Ville Radieuse

“he never paid attention to the frantic hum of demolition and construction taking place between the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements, never looked up from the street enough to see the eighteen identical crosses of brilliant grey-white creeping into the sky like furtive geometrical prayers”

6 Fordville: A Grandad Tale #2

“Wilhelm had his nation’s second city occupied by an army he didn’t know was there” A story from the Grandad and the Machine universe. A

4 Fordville: A Grandad Tale #1

A tale for the Grandad and the Machine Universe, in which an eccentric multi-millionaire sets out on a mission to change the world.

3 Gotham

“Is Gotham in America? Has it ever been?”

2 Olympus

The ancient home of the gods gets relocated to York. Performed live at Say Owt Slam, 9th July 2016. Check out Say Owt here:

1 Camelot

The Britonnic castle of myth and legend, as seen through the eyes of Aurelius Conanus, about whom the Historia Regum Britanniae said “Art not thou