Nuketown Villages #9: “Twocastles”

[These blogs describe and document the villages made by audiences as part of my new project Nuketown.]

Name: “Twocastles”

Made by: Audience at performance at ARC, Stockton (24  people)

When: 28/09/2016

Buildings featured (from left to right, ):  Castle 1, Castle 2, the Communal Kitchen, the Chill Supermarket, the House Catamaran, the House, the Art Deco Building, the Mortuary, the House of Escher.

Jack’s Thoughts: This was the most competitive build so far, with an intense rivalry between Castle 1 and Castle 2’s builders. But all were ambitious in their own way. One of my favourite parts of the show is when I tell people they have 15 minutes left and there’s a collective groan of despair.

Quote of the build: “You could live in my castle. You couldn’t live in theirs”


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