Nuketown villages #3: “Lemonhope”

[These blogs describe and document the villages made by audiences as part of my new project Nuketown.]

Name: “Lemonhope” (k, I forgot to ask them to name it this time, so the name is my own)

Made by: Audience at performance at Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter (14 people)

When: 21/09/2016

Buildings featured (from left to right): The Log Cabin, The Lemon Prison, The Water-Powered Eco-house, The Spiral Staircase, The Shrine, The Fire Station, The Yellow House, The Mighty Vehicle of the Future.

Themes discussed: Fun Palaces, Denmark, Cubes

Jack’s Thoughts: As a rule, we don’t encourage the use of fruit as a building tool. But I can’t fault the aesthetics.

Quote of the build: “We’re Making A Van!”


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