Nuke town Villages #10: “Derbados”

[These blogs describe and document the villages made by audiences as part of my new project Nuketown.]

Name: “Derbados”

Made by: Audience at performance at Derby Theatre 14  people)

When: 30/09/2016

Buildings featured:  the Death Cage, the Glass House, the Castle, the Minarets, the Train House, the Communal Staircase , the Euphoric Emporium, the Beehive

Jack’s Thoughts: This build shows the full range of people’s responses to the building challenge: the artistic types who semi-ignore the brief and  build based on the lego thats available (the Train House), the socially conscious who go with the brief and build something community spirited  (Euphoric Emporium, Beehive) and the guys who couldn’t care less about the brief and just try and build the most fuckoff massive thing they can in 30 minutes (the Castle). But at the end of the day, that’s kind of the point of the show. People are rad, even when they don’t do what you want, and they should be free to make whatever world they want to be in. And the people I’ve worked with over this show, by and large, have proved my point. Score 1 for Jack. And for people.

Quote of the build: “I am supporting your creativity. I did not just break it!”



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