Nuketown Villages #1: Arc-on-Sea

[These blogs describe and document the villages made by audiences as part of my new project Nuketown.]

Name: Arc-on-Sea

Made by: Audience at work-in-progress showing at ARC, Stockton, on (6 people)

When: 01/09/2016

Buildings featured (from left to right): the Hospital, the Floating Mobile pool, the Harbourmaster’s Hut, the Harbourmaster’s Other Hut, the Boat, the Treehouse, the Theatre.

Themes discussed: Connection to nature, proximity to water, mobility.

Jack’s Thoughts: It takes some stones to add a whole body of water as part of your planning process. And to name it after the place you work. I added the blue bricks to help denote where they roughly pictured the water being.

Quote of the build: “I think my treehouse came out better than the theatre!” – Annabel.


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