Great North Road launch nights

9 and 10 October, 7.30pm (1 hour)
Northcott Theatre
Tickets: Donation to support Exeter Northcott’s work with artists
Bring your own smartphone or laptop and headphones.
(The game is playable on both smartphone and laptop, although laptops are preferred so please bring one if you can)


Come and play this narrative game about who we want to be after the apocalypse.

Local Exeter artist Jack Dean has made a game. Well, a tiny prototype, with the help of Chris and Dan. If you like classic adventure games or sci-fi Netflix thrillers, then you’ll probably be into this. It will be multiplayer and easy to play, we hope.

You are invited to sit in socially distanced spaces and play the game on your smartphone / laptop against a backdrop of illustrations by Chris Harrisson and music inspired by the world of the Great North Road. Have a gander, try it out and tell us what you think. We’d really like your help to develop it further.

England’s sky is broken. Thousands of monsters from its folklore and history have poured in through the tear in reality. Four strangers and their families form a caravan heading North to find safety, opportunity and freedom. Leaving the authoritarian city-state of London and following the path of the ancient, historic Great North Road, they must find a way to work together to survive in the weird and twisted landscape ahead of them. But trust isn’t so easy when our heroes carry dark secrets along with their luggage…

“Great North Road was partly inspired by a lifelong fascination with the cultural paraphernalia of English motorways, which in their utter blandness and uniformity still reveal a lot about the nation’s identity. It also stems from research around Non-Violent Communication and Game Theory, and how collective decision-making is complicated by our individual differences, particularly when you add a layer of digital removal as the present moment has often demanded. It’s a literary experiment that asks ‘how do you learn to trust someone utterly different from you’?” – Jack Dean, Exeter Northcott Associate

A game by Jack Dean & Company

Written by Jack Dean
Art and Illustration – Christopher Harrisson
Game Developer – Daniel Shapley

Find out more here:

For 16+. Strong language and violence.


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