Great North Road

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England’s sky is broken. Thousands of monsters from its folklore and history have poured in through the tear in reality. Four strangers and their families form a caravan heading North to find safety, opportunity and freedom. Leaving the authoritarian city-state of London and following the path of the ancient, historic Great North Road, they must find a way to work together to survive in the weird and twisted landscape ahead of them. But trust isn’t so easy when our heroes carry dark secrets along with their luggage…

Great North Road is a multiplayer narrative based adventure game about who we want to be after the apocalypse. Players must balance team cooperation against their own characters’ hidden objectives and secret backstories, facing difficult choices that directly affect the story. Inspired by classic adventure games, sociological research and a lifelong fascination with motorways, this game will tell a surreal and winding tale of how we can learn to live with each other.

For 16+. Strong language and violence.