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We Shouldn’t Bail Out Our Theatres, We Should Nationalise Them, or, The Ship Is Bailed But The Hole Is Still There

“Theatre eh? Bloody hell.” – David Lockwood. Threescore and twelve years ago yesterday, an idea was brought[…]


THE RULES 10 points a word, 150 Points for a vertical or horizontal line,  200 Points for[…]

6 Things To Remember When Dating An Artist Person

[Written in response to articles like this, this and this.] They are not normal. It’s important to[…]

Never Tell Me The Odds: Wars In The Stars And Elsewhere

Dear Farid, I hope this finds you as well as it can. I have given you the[…]

4 Tips For Aspiring Performance Writers

Use a social media manager like Hootsuite to schedule updates to your pages. This is a huge[…]

Imma Let You British: why are the English so weird about hip hop?

When I was a teenager, I rapped in a band. This, to me, was not a massive[…]