We Shouldn’t Bail Out Our Theatres, We Should Nationalise Them, or, The Ship Is Bailed But The Hole Is Still There

“Theatre eh? Bloody hell.” – David Lockwood. Threescore and twelve years ago yesterday, an idea was brought into action by polemical Welshman and absolute smoke-show Aneurin Bevan (pictured) to fix an industry that was a mess. The part-privately, part-publicly funded healthcare industry had no shortage of brilliant staff and good intentions, but it had deep-seated […]

Fox’s Law, or, If You Want To Actually Support Artists through Coronavirus, Stop Asking Them For “Creative Responses” To It.

Today is the day of the week, in the parallel universe that we’ve slipped into, that I head down to Sainsbury’s, stand in the one-in-one-out nightclub-style queue, then head in to pick up groceries. Every week, I head to the aisle where the vegan milks are stocked in search of my favourite by far, Oatly […]

On Theatre, Socialism and Projectile Vomiting (Meet The Humans #5, feat. Christina Poulton)

 [Part of Meet The Humans, a series of blogs investigating how artists and programmers in the theatre industry can talk to each other without anyone screaming or crying. Supported by Unlimited. Christina’s views are her own, and not necessarily those of Strike A Light] 1 “The world is a raft sailing through space with, potentially, […]

6 Things To Remember When Dating An Artist Person

[Written in response to articles like this, this and this.] They are not normal. It’s important to remember that artistic people are genetically different to us “normies”. They perceive the world in a fundamentally way, like people who have been in brain-damaging accidents, or dogs. If you don’t get quirky, eloquent and engaged response to […]

Never Tell Me The Odds: Wars In The Stars And Elsewhere

Dear Farid, I hope this finds you as well as it can. I have given you the name Farid because it is ranked at the top of the list of Syrian names at the highly rigorous peer reviewed source of e-babynames.com. I imagine the odds of this really being your name are miniscule, probably less […]

4 Tips For Aspiring Performance Writers

Use a social media manager like Hootsuite to schedule updates to your pages. This is a huge timesaver and means that marketing is still getting done while you’re out of the office. Keep hold of all your receipts. You’d be suprised at the breadth of what is deductible for tax purposes. Write. Write good stuff. […]

Imma Let You British: why are the English so weird about hip hop?

When I was a teenager, I rapped in a band. This, to me, was not a massive deal. In the same way that punk and indie bands had inspired my peers to pick up guitars and drumsets, the music of my childhood, from Outkast to Jurassic 5 to Rage Against The Machine to Jay-Z, made […]