We Shouldn’t Bail Out Our Theatres, We Should Nationalise Them, or, The Ship Is Bailed But The Hole Is Still There

“Theatre eh? Bloody hell.” – David Lockwood. Threescore and twelve years ago yesterday, an idea was brought into action by polemical Welshman and absolute smoke-show Aneurin Bevan (pictured) to fix an industry that was a mess. The part-privately, part-publicly funded healthcare industry had no shortage of brilliant staff and good intentions, but it had deep-seated […]

Fox’s Law, or, If You Want To Actually Support Artists through Coronavirus, Stop Asking Them For “Creative Responses” To It.

Today is the day of the week, in the parallel universe that we’ve slipped into, that I head down to Sainsbury’s, stand in the one-in-one-out nightclub-style queue, then head in to pick up groceries. Every week, I head to the aisle where the vegan milks are stocked in search of my favourite by far, Oatly […]

Arts Mythbusting #2 – The Wibbly Wobbly Crazypants Artist

“I do believe that you have to suffer for your art. I know I have”  – Amy Winehouse. People who have the misfortune of working with me will probably have experienced, amongst other outbursts of linguistic fascism, me taking excessive umbrage when the word “passion” gets mentioned. My dislike of the word, besides the fact that […]