Imma Let You British: why are the English so weird about hip hop?

When I was a teenager, I rapped in a band. This, to me, was not a massive[…]

On Robots and Revolutions, Part 2

“All Revolutions are impossible until they become inevitable” – Albie Sachs Last year almost to the day[…]

Arts Mythbusting #1: The Happy Freelancer

Once upon a time there were some knights who lived in a regular sort of kingdom, with[…]

On Robots and Revolutions, Part 1

Machines. We make them, we use them, we occasionally Rage Against them. They can help the sick[…]

We Need To Turn Left On Copyright

[Pictured, Petey the Don’t Sue People Panda from  the TV show South Park] Copyright has a strange[…]

Undead Party: The First 100 Days – Review

[In response to last night’s UKIP: The First 100 Days ] In a time of great political[…]

Rejected Show Ideas

Theatres seem to have a pervasive neophilia these days. You can’t walk two yards for someone wanting[…]

Dear James Blunt,

Even though I’m kind of a big deal (2 second cameo on Songs of Praise, literally tens[…]

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