Jack Dean & Company

Jack Dean & Company is a disabled-led, artist-owned non-profit set up to help tell stories of how things could be. We collaborate with inspiring and exceptional artists to create work across a range of art forms, with a focus on touring live shows. We are committed to offering people across the UK the chance to dream of a different world, whatever the current one may hold. Current projects include Jeremiah, a gig-theatre epic about the Luddite rebellion, and Hero & Leander, a bittersweet outdoor musical that tours with a portable bandstand.

Jack Dean is a poet, playwright, performer, rapper and composer. His work uses modern technology to tell stories that wander the lands between myth, memory and history. He has toured internationally, including performances at Latitude Festival, the Southbank Centre and the Bowery Poetry Club in New York. He is the creator of the Fogland Lighthouse podcast and a whole bunch of albums. He really likes zeppelins.

Jack Dean & Company is the trading name of Jack Nicholas Dean Ltd, company number 12543307 .