On 9 June 1817 Jeremiah Brandreth meets with several hundred men in the White Horse pub in Pentrich. Their plan is to march on Nottingham, then South, where they will join an expected 50,000 supporters to storm the Tower of London, overthrow the government, wipe out the National Debt and end poverty forever. What Jeremiah doesn’t know is that there is a spy in his ranks, sent by the Home Secretary himself, who had other ideas…

Jeremiah is a loud, rambunctious new show with live music by rap storyteller Jack Dean. It will tell the incredible true story of the much misunderstood Luddite rebellion – a movement that spanned the whole North of England, had more British soldiers fighting it than Napoleon, and made the destruction of machinery a capital offence. The story will be told through the lens of the life of Brandreth, the instigator of the Luddites’ final gambit, the Pentrich Rising, and the last man to be beheaded in the history of Britain, weaving alongside it the parallel tale of William J. Oliver, the government spy that betrayed him.

An Unlimited Commission, supported by Arts Council England.

Jack Dean is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.