What would you do with 205 billion pounds?

Nuketown is a combined storytelling and protest art project about cities, public money and the possible end of life as we know it.

Working with town planners, architects, live feeds and enormous amounts of Lego, writer/performer Jack Dean is building a brand new utopian model city, equal in value to the proposed Trident nuclear submarine replacement programme.

Now he’d like you to invite you to grab some bricks, help him finish off the city and hear an epic tale that animates this imaginary landscape. This is one man’s epic quest to find love, a lost cat and a solution to the military-industrial complex.

Join us. It should be a blast.

Co-commissioned as part of Transit by ARC Stockton, Derby Theatre and the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter.

Suitable for ages 14+


Written by Jack Dean

Performed by Jack Dean & Josh Lucas

Directed by Tom Wright

Set construction by Matt Sykes-Hooban

Produced by Sian Alex Keen

Academic Consultant: Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Professor of Town Planning at Newcastle University

Supported by Arts Council England, Seedbed and the Lush Foundation.

Co-commissioned by ARC, Derby Theatre and the Bike Shed Theatre.